Running SqueezeCenter on a Viglen MPC-L

After I had removed Xubuntu from my tiny Viglen MPC-L and installed Windows XP onto it I started to think about what I could use it for.

It’s already running the CurrentCost software to monitor electricity usage in my house and my next plan was to install SqueezeCenter and AlienBBC on it to see how it coped with feeding my Squeezebox Boom.

I wasn’t expecting it to work very well, as the MPC-L isn’t all that powerful, but to my surprise it is running perfectly well and is playing regional BBC radio stations via AlienBBC with no issues.

Accessing the SqueezeCenter web interface directly on the MPC-L is painfully and in reality unusable slow. However accessing it on a more powerful machine (my Samsung NC10 netbook in this case) over my WLAN is much better and perfectly usable.

I’ve only got two MP3’s installed on the MPC-L at the moment but they both play fine. I’m not sure how it will cope with my large music collection – especially if I run it from an external USB hard drive. That’s my next test…

UPDATE: Ok so I copied my entire music collection (about 40Gb worth of mp3’s) to the Viglen and got SqueezeCenter to do a rescan. And it’s still working great. So good in fact that I have uninstalled SqueezeCenter from my main PC and am just using the Viglen now to run my Squeezebox Boom.

3 responses to “Running SqueezeCenter on a Viglen MPC-L

  1. I’m intending to use an MPC-L for exactly the same purpose, but I can’t get it to boot into the XP installation disk. What did you do to make this happen?

  2. Thanks, Furtive – I should have followed your instructions in full! Instead I got diverted by the BartPE instructions, and followed those – copying the i386 files created by BartPE to the pen drive, instead of using the external USB hard drive as well as the pen drive which you recommend. I’ll try again!

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